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Looking Good Even from Behind

Jun 29 2015

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See from behind to observe the beauty of Kimono

Kimono is the traditional garment of Japan. Nowadays, we don't wear the attire very often, but not a few of us still choose to wear Kimono for official events like coming-of-age ceremony or Shichi-Go-San (7-5-3 year old)  ceremony. 

Many say that it is the back shot that represents the beauty of Kimono.


Have you seen anyone wearing Kimono with her shoulders hunched? Wearing Kimono automatically improves your posture.


There are various styles of obi (sash) and ways to tie it according to time, place and occasion or age of the person wearing Kimono. 

It is Shichi-Go-San (7-5-3 year old)  ceremony when kids wear Kimono. In November, parents take their three- and seven-year-old daughters and five-year-old sons to shrines to show their appreciation for children's development.


If you are in Tokyo around November 15th, please visit a shrine like Meiji Jingu. You will encounter little ladies and gentlemen dressed up in Kimono!  

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