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Enjoy Street Stalls on En-nichi

Jul 18 2015

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Food, games…  Discover the variety of street stalls at En-nichi street fair

Going to an En-nichi/ street fair is definitely a way to be a kid again!
Delicious-smelling food... stir a memory from the past...
I just get carried away with euphoria at En-nichi!

The word En-nichi exudes an image of the summer festival, but on En-nichi, meaning also "a festival day" when there is a seasonal event at the shrine/ temple, a variety of stalls often fill the approach and occupy the grounds.

The lineup" is partly affected by trends, but there are "all-time classics" like chocolate-dipped bananas, octopus dumplings, fried noodles to savour.
Games like the shooting gallery and goldfish scooping have never been unpopular.

Rules are always simple.

If you find one, give it a try!
I can easily become caught up in the game even when the prize is not exactly attractive...!


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