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Mar 16 2015

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Free download for stress-free stay

With a network of more than 60 routes, riding trains is definitely one of the most efficient ways to travel in Tokyo.
If you wish to make the most of the network in terms of time and money, we recommend you to download the route map prior to your visit.


On this website, you will not only find the route maps of JR trains and subways, but also information on the free Wi-Fi service, pre-paid IC cards and "Area Pass (discount offer)." The valuable info is offered in four languages.

If you are loyal to subways, don't worry!
Tokyo Metro also offers a website.

Tokyo Metro

Try "Tokyo Metro Transfer Planner & Fare Calculation" on this website:

Just by entering the names of the stations you are getting on and off the subway, you will instantly be informed of the fastest/ cheapest route or the route with minimum transfers.
(*Note: Search within the network of Tokyo Metro only) Do your homework prior to your visit, and make the most of your time in Tokyo!!

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