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Keeps Your Eggs Under Guard

Jul 06 2015

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"Egg Timer" to make sure your eggs are cooked right!

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recommendation from Mamma Mina

How do you like your egg? Soft boiled or hard boiled?

Try this witty gadget from a 100 Yen Shop to make sure your eggs are cooked just right.

Toss the "Egg Timer"  into the pot. Boil it with your eggs and watch... the colour is changing from yellow to white!

From SOFT, MEDIUM to HARD... turn off the heat when the outer edge of the white area reaches the firmness you like.


Your family members may have different preference.

And you may be too busy with preparing other dishes to watch the eggs.


Whatever the situation is, you can always depend on the Egg Timer! 

A smart gadget from a 100 Yen Shop.

If you are a boiled egg lover, you've got to get one!

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