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Anime "Ema" - Show Off Your Skill!

Jul 10 2015

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Or you can purchase one with an Anime illustration on it!

Anime fan? Come to Kanda Myojin!

At Kanda Myojin shrine near Tokyo's anime sanctuary Akihabara, you can purchase an "Ema" (a wooden votive tablet) with an illustration of the popular animation work.


Anime artists go further. They show off their skill by drawing their favourite characters on their Ema in dedication to the god of the shrine!

The Ema with an anime character is called "Ita-Ema." The term "Itai (painful)" has been used to describe Otaku culture as  "painfully embarrassing" or "so cool it hurts."


Drawings on "Ita-Ema" are simply outstanding: you don't have to be an Otaku to admire them.


If you are confident in drawing, take up your ink pens! Write down your wish, then draw your favourite Anime character to decorate your Ema to have your wish granted.


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