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May 01 2015

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No-good periods for sightseeing you should know before coming to Tokyo

Dear friends coming to Tokyo,

You can enjoy our city as you please, however please be reminded that special attention must be paid if you are travelling to Tokyo around the New Year's Day and the Golden Week.

= New Year's Day (& 2-3 Jan):
basically very quiet with certain spots frantic Non-natives take up a relatively large part of Tokyo's population. Many of them leave Tokyo during the winter holidays while the rest enjoy a leisurely break at home, leaving Tokyo much quieter than usual.
If you wish to enjoy nice and calm Tokyo, don't get close to department stores where people passionately try to purchase Fuku-Bukuro ("Lucky Bags" filled with random contents, sold at discount prices). Visiting shrines/ temples could be another wrong choice if you are not ready to join a flood of Japanese patiently lining up to pay their first visit of the year.

= Golden Week (end of April to early May)
It's a series of national holidays, often just 3-5 days, when many Japanese people spend their time at sightseeing spots nearby. Undoubtedly Tokyo is a magnet for such tourists as it offers a variety of events, especially ones dedicated for families. Expect a crowd wherever you may go during the Golden Week.

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