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Leave it to KOBAN!

Aug 03 2015

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When in trouble, go to Koban the police box!

Tokyo is such a big city. Subways, private railways, JR: Japan Railways, buses... its transportation network is not simple. Haven't you lost your way as you head to your next destination?


The number of tourist information centres is increasing, but not enough to depend on anytime/ anywhere. Who's going to be your help then? KOBAN will!


KOBAN literally means police box however the system is a bit different from its counterparts' outside Japan. Why are KOBANs unique to Japan? Because they are staffed and officers on duty are helpful enough to be your navigators as they provide security to the communities.


Police officers are at home with their communities. Not only do they know the locations of the landmarks, they often have a good knowledge of newly opened shops and popular spots among tourists because many people ask officers the way to their destinations. 


Tokyo may be small on the map, but there are more than 1,000 KOBANs, which respond to the needs of tourists while ensuring the safety of people in the community.


Look for the KOBAN sign. Police officers will give you the most help whenever you are in trouble or get lost. 

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BAMBOO (General Affairs Department)

A serious and slow-tempo young man who tries very hard to answer a barrage of questions from SHACHO everyday. Let’s see how he grows up to be a “Mr. Helpdesk Tokyo.”

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