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Celebrate "Asagao" over Street Food

Jul 07 2015

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"Asagao" is the flower that brings the feel of summer.

Iriya Asagao Ichi in downtown Tokyo until July 8!


In the rainy season in Tokyo, the sky is gloomy day after day.


Why don't you visit "Asagao Ichi (morning glory market)" then?

Brightly-coloured flowers of asagao will make you feel happier!

"Asagao Ichi" in Iriya, downtown Tokyo, is the biggest morning glory market in Japan which is held every year from July 6th to 8th.


The stalls are open from 5am to 11pm: from early in the morning until late at night, so it shouldn't be too difficult to schedule a time for a visit. If you want to see the flowers at its best, do plan to be there in the morning, around 7am, when morning glories bloom!


Around 100 stalls selling morning glories are set up at Iriya Kishimojin, along Kototoi-dori Street.

There are also many stalls that sell snacks.

Eating street food and viewing morning glories... you can get the best of summer in Japn at one time!


Visit "Asagao Ichi" and discover the way to fully enjoy life in Tokyo in the rainy season!

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