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20 Minutes' Shinkansen Ride

Aug 04 2015

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A trial ride on Japan's iconic bullet train!

There must be many of you who wish to ride on the bullet train during your stay in Japan. Have you given it up because you will be staying only in Tokyo this time? … Don't!

Shinkansen is a favorite choice for longer trips: to Kansai (Kyoto/ Osaka) area or northern Tohoku district where going on a local train takes quite a long time.
How about making a short trip instead? The 20 minutes’ ride from Tokyo to Shin-Yokohama may be long enough to “get a feel” of the trip by Shinkansen while coming back on a local train takes only about an hour.

You can arrive at the platform early enough to take a closer look at the Shinkansen or buy a Bento lunch box.
Please enjoy a special short trip during your stay in Tokyo!

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