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Rooftop Amusement Park

Aug 02 2015

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The last surviving rooftop Ferris wheel in Tokyo

Back in the mid-1950's until the mid-1960's, many department stores were operating rooftop amusement parks.


For families at that time, especially for children, department stores were favourite destinations to spend their weekends: shopping, having lunch at upstairs restaurants and playing at the rooftop amusement parks!


Sadly however, rooftop amusement parks have disappeared from department stores due to several reasons including the cost of maintenance. 

But here on top of the Tokyu Plaza commercial complex in Kamata (Ota ward), the long-forgotten rooftop amusement park is drawing visitors as before!


The once-closed park reopened in response to many requests from local residents. The most popular attraction must be this colourful Ferris wheel, which is only one in operation at the rooftop amusement parks in Tokyo.


Why don't you visit the nostalgic rooftop park on sunny days?

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Miss Echo (Translator)

Born and grew up in downtown Tokyo, she is the true lover of Tokyo’s traditional & unique culture. She does researches as she finds something interesting on streets.

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