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Matcha-flavored Snacks for Souvenirs

Sep 05 2015

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 A reasonable choice to take the flavour of Tokyo back home

Do you have friends and family anticipate your souvenirs from Tokyo/ Japan?

Are you, however, concerned about the budget?

Check the snack section of local grocery supermarkets or convenience stores before you leave Japan!


There you will find a variety of snacks flavoured with green tea.

You may find a snack that is popular in your country that uses matcha!

They are reasonable and unique to Japan - perfect for souvenir, aren't they?

You may think Matcha is bitter... True. When used for snacks, however, the bitterness makes a perfect combination with the sweetness of chocolate/milk/cookies!


It is a good idea to experience Sado (tea ceremony) while in Japan to try the taste of matcha. If you feel a little awkward at joining a tea ceremony, buying matcha-flavoured snacks is a great way to explore new taste.

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