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Play and Master How to Use Chopsticks

Sep 09 2015

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A fun way to learn how to enjoy Japanese food with chopsticks

Isn't it tricky to handle chopsticks?

While some of you may have tried using them for the first time during your stay in Japan, there are many restaurants outside Japan today that serve Japanese food with chopsticks instead of a pair of fork and knife.

Now, why don't you use chopsticks skilfully and impress everyone at the dinner table?

This one is designed to teach you how:

In a small pot of Oden, a Japanese winter dish, sit pieces of vegetables and fish dumplings that are so small and slippery!

Turn the switch on to shake the pot to make it even harder for you to pick food!

Struggling with your chopsticks and Oden pieces to win the game, you will learn to use chopsticks before you know it!

There are other toys to serve the same purpose.

How about picking up tiny bean-shaped characters?


Just have fun and learn to eat Japanese food in a sophisticated manner with chopsticks!


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