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Getting Connected in Tokyo

Sep 01 2015

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Free Wi-Fi for a stress-free travel experience in Tokyo!

I am lost...

Is there any popular tourist destinations around here? 


You may carry a guide book or a map with you, but there may be a situatoin where you wish you can use the Internet.


If you are nervous about getting connected while you are out of your hotel (where free internet connection is often offered), install this app prior to your departure to Japan.

Japan Connected-free Wi-Fi


The number of stations and shopping malls in Tokyo offering the Wi-Fi service is increasing lately.

Have you seen the signs indicating Wi-Fi service like these?


Once you have installed the app, you can use the service in any spots corresponding to the system. (*The design of the sign may vary from spot to spot.)  There is no need to re-register as you move from one spot to another. 

Airports, stations and bus networks.. the area covered by the app is expanding.

I heard that the trial service of "Shinjuku Free Wi-Fi," corresponding to this app, is now available around Shinjuku station.


Why not install this app prior to your departure and get ready for the stress-free sightseeing experience in Tokyo?

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