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Ise Pilgrimage in Tokyo

Sep 07 2015

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Finding a good match? Meet the god of marriage!

"I got a boyfriend right after visiting the shrine!"

"I bought a charm at the shrine, then I found true love!"

These are a few of testimonies worshippers of Tokyo Daijingu.


The shrine is particularly popular among young women looking for a good match.

It is also known as the very first place in Japan where Shinto wedding ceremony was performed.


Tokyo Daijingu enshrines Amaterasu-Sume-Ohkami, the ancestral deity of the Imperial Family and Toyouke-no-okami, the guardian deity of agriculture, industry, clothing, food and housing. As they are also enshrined in the Grand Shrine of Ise, Tokyo Daijingu is called "O-Ise-san in Tokyo."


During in the Edo period (1603 to 1867), people wished for a once-in-a-lifetime chance to make a pilgrimage to Ise Shrine.

To fulfil their dream to visit the faraway shrine, a new shrine was established in Tokyo in 1880.

If you wish to visit the Grand Shrine but do not have time/ budget for travelling to Mie prefecture, why not go to Tokyo Daijingu to get your prayers answered? 

With the power to bring romance to worshippers, the shrine attracts a crowd of young women.

First, throw your coin into the offerings box. Then bow twice and clap twice. Take a moment in prayer, and finally bow again.

Now, let's go to check Omamori (charms). There are so many it is hard to choose one!

Would you like to try Omikuji, paper fortune?

Tokyo Daijingu offer an English version as well!

Pictured on the right is a love fortune-telling doll. Every doll is dressed in a set of different kimono - so pretty that I felt the urge to check them all before picking one.

Unfortunately, the message is written in Japanese, but who wouldn't like a doll made of Japanese paper as a souvenir from Tokyo?


Check your fortune as you enjoy your pilgrimage to Ise Shrine without leaving Tokyo!

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