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Fundoshi: Popular among Japanese Women!?

Sep 14 2017

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Not for men only! Try kawaii & stylish Fundoshi for their health benefits.

Do you know Fundoshi (loincloths)?

They are Japanese underwear traditionally worn by men.


Personally I haven't met anyone who wears Fundoshi regularly, so I was surprised to hear Fundoshi have gained popularity among young Japanese women recently, and many have taken to wearing them as Fundoshi are "fashionable" and/or "good for health."


Again, Fundoshi are traditionally worn by men. So I had doubted their appeal to young women until I saw "SHAREFUN" - the collection of kawaii and stylish Fundoshi! 

There are several types of Fundoshi. The most typical one must be this "Etchu-fundoshi" that looks like an apron: the rectangle with strings to be tied around the waist.

And this style is called "Mokko-fundoshi" after the regular-underwear-like shape: mokko means woven baskets traditionally used for transportation.


Why do women choose to wear Fundoshi when they have many more options? 
Without tight elastic bands around your waist and thighs, Fundoshi do not squeeze your body. Adjustable straps help the garment fit your body comfortably. The enthusiasts say wearing Fundoshi stimulates blood circulation and relieves swelling!


Such words of appreciation have won the sympathy of health-conscious and fashionable young women, and the network of stores selling SHAREFUN is expanding: 
= Odakyu Department Store in Shinjuku, at "Desk my Style" on the 2nd fl.
= Matsuzakaya Department Store in Ueno, 3rd fl.
= Tokyu Hands (all stores) 
= Kiddy Land in Harajuku 


Now, you know Fundoshi look good and have become popular for the health benefits.
Next, let's learn how to wear! Don't worry! It's not tricky at all - it's as simple as picured here:

For more information, please check "how to wear a SHAREFUN."


Modern-looking men's SHAREFUN are also available.

Why not bring your favourites home and show your friends/ family how to wear them like Japanese?

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