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Check The Big Three - “100 Kin” in Tokyo

Nov 06 2017

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Want a quick tour of three major "100 Yen Shop (100 Kin)" chains in Tokyo?

Go to Kinshicho!

Items from 100 Yen Shops (100 Kin/ Hyakkin) have been on the list of "popular souvenirs from Japan." Have you noticed there are several 100 Yen Shop "brands"? If you want a quick look at The Big Three in Tokyo: Daiso, Can Do and Seria, Kinshicho is the place to go!


Kinshicho is in Sumida ward that is located east of major shopping areas like Shinjuku and Shibuya. You can of course find all three major 100 Yen Shop operators' stores in both areas. If you prefer to avoid the crowds, Kinshicho is a great alternative. It is just two-minute train ride away from Oshiage - where the Sky Tree is (by Tokyo Metro Hanzomon Line) and Ryogoku - where you can watch sumo wrestling at Kokugikan (by JR Sobu Line). Pretty convenient, isn't it? Now, let's set out for a quick trip to check three major 100 Yen Shop (100 Kin) chains in Kinshicho!  

Five minutes' walk from JR Kinshicho Station will take you to a shopping mall called "Olinas." "Seria" is in the first basement. Seria is known for its large collection of natural and stylish items and thus, especially popular among women.


You will find a variety of kitchen utensils and items to support your DIY (Do It Yourself) projects. If you are looking for something for your female friends, check Seria.


*Recommended items from Seria

Next, leave Olinas and keep walking toward west as you watch Tokyo Skytree that towers up into the sky. In about eight minutes, you will reach "Maruetsu" the supermarket. "Can Do" is on the second floor of the store loved by the locals.


It's not as spacious as some of its counterparts but the store is crammed with countless items like any 100 Yen Shop. Trying to spot a great bargain at Can Do, I always feel like I am at a flea market. They have a wide variety of "very Japanese" items, which will make great gifts for your friends/ colleagues/ family members.


*Recommended items from Can Do

Lastly, let's head to "ARCAKIT," the shopping mall in front of the station. Watch out for giant dogs greeting you as you walk from Maruetsu toward the station - they are advertising displays for a vocational school to learn how to take care of animals.


Say goodbye to the cute trio and keep walking for about ten minutes to get to our destination: ARCAKIT.

"Daiso" occupies all of the 7th floor; more than 3,300 square metres! There seems to be absolutely nothing we cannot find here.


The best choice at Daiso must be innovative/ novelty items. Cleaning tools, kitchen utensils or office supplies... unique items that are truly (or almost) convenient can be purchased with just 100 Yen! Why not pick something that will amaze your close friends or kids?


*Recommended items from Daiso



How did you enjoy checking Seria, Can Do and Daiso - the three biggest 100 Yen Shop brands - in one day?

Find your favourite chain and enjoy shopping!

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