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Souvenir from 100 Yen Shop - Seria -

Oct 08 2017

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A 100 Yen Shop, or Hyakkin, has been popular among foreign tourists looking for souvenirs from Japan. Wide array of popular items are all sold at the incredible price of 100 yen. There are even "tourist-friendly" Hyakkin shops these days: they have signs in English and/ or Chinese.

You may have noticed there are several 100 Yen Shop "brands (chains/ operators)" and each has its own selection. Today, we are introducing "Seria" - a 100 yen shop chain that is especially popular among women.


Natural, girly, craft... are just a few of the words that describe "Seria." We selected the best "souvenirs from Japan" from the store. 

Seria has a wide variety of Japanese style dishes. Aren't these rice bowls beautiful? At 100 yen a piece, you can buy a set and use them not only on the dinner table but also in the living room as vases for flowers or in the bedroom to place your accessories.


Do you know what this envelope is for? It's called "noshi-bukuro" used to wrap a gift of money on a celebratory occasion. Traditionally, the white envelopes with gold and red "mizuhiki" ribbons have been used as noshi-bukuro. These days, however, more colourful or decorated ones have gained popularity. Why not use the beautiful envelope to wrap letters or a small gift?

If you need to buy a lot to give to your colleagues or classmates back home, take disposable chopsticks. Seria stocks quality items: chopsticks are made of natural materials with beautiful grain pattern and wrapped in Japanese style paper. A 100 yen pack contains 15 sets: 6.6 yen per piece... very cost-effective! 

Seria has a wide variety of items to serve crafters' needs. What we like the best among the collection of masking tapes is the one with Mt. Fuji. Decorate your notebooks, create gift cards... this will make a perfect souvenir for girls. 

The last item is called "Deko Seal." The stickers are available in several sizes. We recommend the one that fits the size of iPhone. With small parts neatly pre-arranged on a sheet, it doesn't take a special skill to decorate your smart phone.


How did you like our "Top five" items? There are many more in the store that will make great gifts. Don't miss visiting Seria before you leave Tokyo!



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