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Oct 15 2015

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Tokyo Metropolitan Police Museum: The place for dads & kids in Ginza

You are on a street corner in Ginza, a world-renowned shopping district in Tokyo, waiting forever for your wife to finish the shopping. Your kids are bored and frustrated and so are you...

Daddies, don't waste your precious time in Ginza! Let's take your kids to Tokyo Metropolitan Police Museum!


Seven minutes' walk toward Kyobashi district from the Ginza 4-chome crossing will take you all to the museum located right ahead of the elevated Tokyo Metropolitan Expressway.


Through the exhibition of as many as 1,000 materials and computer games, the museum introduces the history and activities of Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) that maintains peace of one of the safest metropolises in the world.

Kids up to 140cm tall can try on the uniform and be a police officer.

Riding on a police motorcycle wearing the uniform, your kid is now a proud member of MPD! Women's uniforms are also available.


Knowing you all are having fun, mom can enjoy shopping to her heart's content!


Tokyo Metropolitan Police Museum website (Japanese only)

Open from 10:00 to 18:00. Closed on Mondays. Admission free.


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