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Sugamo for Red Underwear!

Oct 13 2015

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Widest variety in Tokyo!? Dress in red and get active! 

If you are looking for red underwear in Tokyo, go to Sugamo!


Most Japanese think red underwear are for elders because they became explosively popular here in Sugamo a.k.a. Granny's Harajuku.


You will see the cascade of red clothes once you step onto Jizo dori street!

It is believed that wearing red underwear will help you to restore your health. The garment will supposedly stimulate "Tanden" (an energy centre located 3-4 cm below the navel according to Chinese medicine) and as a result, your blood circulation will be increased and metabolism accelerated. The colour red is also believed to have the psychological effects: stimulating and uplifting.


No wonder old ladies are enthusiastic about red underwear and it's become the signature item of Sugamo: their haven.


Now, you have unlimited choices of red items: shirts, leggings, socks, belly bands, handkerchiefs... as many as you like!


Why not go all red to get active and stay healthy!? 


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Born and grew up in downtown Tokyo, she is the true lover of Tokyo’s traditional & unique culture. She does researches as she finds something interesting on streets.

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