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Strolling around the Anime Town

Oct 21 2017

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Visit Kamiigusa and enjoy "Animation Museum" for free

11th stop from Seibu Shinjuku station (the Seibu-Shinjuku line) is Kamiigusa.

You will find a statue of Gundam right in front of you as you step out of the south exit of the station.

Walking down the shopping street, there is a painting of Gundam on the shutter.

Why Gundam?

Because the creator, Sunrise animation studio, has an office here, Kamiigusa has promoted itself as "Anime Town."

If you are a Gundam fan, you must also like other anime works.

Let's walk another 20 minutes, or take a bus, to "Suginami Anime Museum" located on the third floor of Suginami Kaikan building.

Here you can learn the history of Japanese anime and how anime works are made.

You can also participate in a workshop to edit and colour the anime.

There is a theatre to enjoy anime masterpieces and a library with a large collection of anime-related works. Isn't it great that admission is FREE!


When in Tokyo, why not go out to the suburbs to learn more about Japanese anime? 

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