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Unique Festival in Tokyo: Bettara Ichi Market

Oct 24 2015

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"Pickles Festival" started in the Edo period!

The reason to love autumn in Tokyo: it's packed with festivals! Visit shrines and temples. Watch local people carry mikoshi (a portable shrine) or parade with lanterns in their hands. Don't forget to try food from street stalls... there are so many things to enjoy!

Today we will take you to an unique festival in Tokyo: Bettara Ichi Market.

Bettarazuke is daikon radish pickled with malted rice. The specialty of Tokyo was already sold in the middle of the Edo period at the fair held for the celebration of the Ebisu-ko ceremony (Ebisu is one of the Seven Gods of Fortune) on October 20th in the front gate of Takarada Ebisu Jinja Shrine in Nihonbashi. People started calling the fair Bettara Ichi Market because Bettarazuke was the most popular item at the fair.


There are two types of Bettarazuke, with or without skin, and they taste slightly different. The one with skin is crunchy and rich in flavour while the other has lighter flavour. Don't be shy and sample Bettarazuke at the fair to find your favourite!

There are more to enjoy at Bettara Ichi Market. Stroll around and enjoy Japanese street food as you try Bettarazuke.



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