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Nov 09 2015

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Admission-free observatory at 105 meters above the ground.

Look for Mt. Fuji on clear days.

The admission-free observation deck that is popular in Tokyo must be that of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Buildings in Shinjuku.


Do you know there are other places with great views of Tokyo?

Today, I am taking you to a free observation deck which is fairly unknown... at Bunkyo Civic Centre.


It's very easy to get to: an underground passage connects the Centre and Kasuga station (Toei Mita/Oedo lines). The skyscraper complex that houses Bunkyo ward office is also within a couple of minutes' walk from Korakuen station (Tokyo Metro Marunouchi/Nanboku lines) and Suidobashi station (JR Sobu line).

The observation deck is on the 25th floor, standing at 150 metres above ground - not as high as the observatry at the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Buildings. However, it offers excellent panoramic views of Tokyo: Skytree on the east side, Mt. Fuji and High-rise buildings of Nishi-Shinjuku Sub-centre on the west side and Mt. Tsukuba on the north side.

The slanted windows make it easier to capture the views!


It's open from 9:00 am to 8:30 pm: be fascinated with the beautiful night view!

At the south side is a restaurant if you want to enjoy a meal as you observe Tokyo.


If you have been to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Buildings, why not view Tokyo from a different angle?


Bunkyo Civic Centre (In Japanese with automatic translation system)


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