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Try Kaku-uchi and Blend In with the Locals!

Oct 30 2015

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If you don't speak Japanese, don't worry.

Just pick what you like, pay and drink!

Where are you going to have a drink tonight?

At an izakaya or a stylish bar?

If you haven't made up your mind yet, how about Kaku-uchi?


Kaku-uchi means drinking at a liquor store.

You can buy drinks at regular retail price and drink them on the spot: at a bar inside the store.

And because you are at a liquor store, you always have plenty of choices: the variety of alcohol types (sake, beer, shochu distilled liquor etc.) and the different brands.

Today I visited "Fujita Liquor Store" located within a five-minute walk from JR Kanda station.

It looks like a regular liquor store but inside are tables for customers to enjoy Kaku-uchi.


When in a liquor store for Kaku-uchi, just go ahead and help yourself: find yourself a table and then check the refrigerator.

After getting yourself a drink, go to the counter for a variety of canned food that go perfect with your drink.

You also have choices of snacks, nibbles and food like Oden (a Japanese winter dish: fish dumplings and vegetables stewed in a soy-flavoured broth).

It is a "pay-as-you-go" bar - Make sure you have cash with you.


It's much easier than reading a menu and asking store clerks to order your dishes/ drinks, isn't it? 

And rest assured - the owner says "I can speak English a little." He has welcomed customers from overseas here at "Fujita." 

The good old appearance of "Fujita," to me, is a perfect example of Kanda - a typical downtown of Tokyo where office workers stop to drink at reasonably priced bars before going home. Although "Fujita" was crowded with regular customers, I was warmly welcomed on my first visit.


The store is open from 6 pm to 9 pm on weeknights.

Kanda is located between Akihabara and Nihon-bashi. Why not come to Kanda to try Kaku-uchi after spending a day in the electric and anime town and/ or a vibrant downtown shopping district.


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