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Oct 31 2017

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The largest annual event in Tokyo's "used book town"

The Kanda Used Book Festival is an annual event held in Jimbocho district of Kanda which is renowned across the country as an "used book town." In the second half of every October, bookshelves fill the sidewalks of the main street (Yasukuni-dori street), forming "corridors of books" with over a million second-hand books!


From handy paperbacked books to hardcover ones, bulky dictionaries, photo books and picture books... you will be fascinated by the books of every kind imaginable. 

Look for discounts on bulk purchases: packs of "all volumes in a series" are sold at special offer prices. Don't worry about your way back. A delivery service is available (free for purchases over 5,000 yen).


Related events are scheduled on the weekend. Enjoy charity auctions, talk shows with authors, "Talk Battles (debates)" by SF fans and more.


If you don't read books in Japanese, don't worry! Among thousands of the second-hand books, you are sure to find many English books. Why not go to Jinbocho for a lucky find? I bet you will find more than a copy!



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