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A Secret Lane off the Bustling Takeshita-dori

Nov 11 2015

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Brahms Lane: a shortcut to La Foret Harajuku

Harajuku is a must-visit neighbourhood for many who come to Tokyo.

Getting off JR Yamanote Line at Harajuku Station and stepping out of the Takeshita Exit, you may soon get dizzy by the huge tide of people filling Takeshita-dori Street!

If you are highly motivated to check boutiques and shops lining the street, the sight will fire up your interest. But if you just come here to "take a look" at the famous street, you will immediately regret of ever stepping into the unimaginably, heavily crowded street.


What can you do then?

Take this back street and make an easy escape to Meiji-dori street, near "La Foret" the shopping complex.

Turn to the right in front of Daiso 100 Yen Shop on Takeshita-dori street, then take a path to the left to find "Brahms Lane."

It is a low-traffic street behind the bustling Takeshita-dori street. Narrow as it is, the street is lined with chic café and boutiques.


Keep walking until you reach wider and busier street. La Forest/ the Meiji-dori and Omotesando crossing is to your right.


If you just want to "take a look" at the heavily-crowded Takeshita-dori, remember an escape route: the Brahms Lane.


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