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Cardboard Armor to be a Samurai Commander!

Nov 26 2017

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"Wearable! Cardboard" - "kacchu" armor craft kit for kids

Samurai commanders in "kacchu" armor and helmets look cool!

Some of you may have taken pictures with samurai heroes in kacchu, or posed for photos wearing the uniform during your stay in Japan.


Now, we are lucky to have "Wearable! Cardboard" from SHOWA NOTE CO., LTD., a stationery company. The first products from the series are kacchu of two populor warlords: Yukimura Sanada and Masamune Date. 

Just by folding, the outfit (including armor, a helmet and gloves) is ready to go: no scissors/ glue necessary!

Unlike their originals, they are not heavy at all, which makes them perfect souvenirs for travellers to take back home.


Why not buy some for your friends' kids? I am sure they will be excited!


To purchase in Tokyo, visit Hakuhinkan Toy Park Ginza Shop.


"Wearable! Cardboard" JPY 2,480 each (before-tax price)


I thoroughly recommend them if you are looking for souvenir from Japan for families with kids!


"Wearable! Cardboard" website (Japanese)


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