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Special Stamps for Sending Postcards from Japan

Dec 16 2015

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Who doesn't get excited by receiving a postcard with a stamp like this?

Have you sent a postcard to your friend or family while traveling?


If you are sending one from Tokyo/ Japan to someone abroad, do get these "Special 18-yen Stamps for International Airmail Postcards."


It costs 52-yen to send a postcard to a domestic address. These special stamps, each worth 18-yen, cover the extra cost for sending postcards overseas.


"Sukiyaki" and "Ramen" - two of the most popular Japanese dishes are featured on the special stamps this year. Your friend/ family will sure get excited by receiving a postcard with a stamp like this!


It would be nice to purchase these stamps for you to keep, of course.

They are available through post offices across Japan, a sheet with 10 stamps (five each of Sukiyaki and Ramen) for 180-yen, from October 29 (Thursday) , 2015 through January 29, 2016 (Friday).


It's a limited release, so hurry! 

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