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Futuristic Shrine!

Feb 23 2015

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Get on an escalator for a casual visit

Standing overwhelmingly among modern buildings in a business district is “Torii,” the sacred arch of Hie Shrine. 

Shrines are often on the hilltops where you can only access via long stairs. 

Have you given up visiting one because of the stairs?

Come to Hie Shrine then - an escalator will take you right to the precincts on the top!

Be prepared for your way back though if you are not very confident in your physical strength: no escalator going down…!

Hie Shrine is in the midst of urban business district, but the atmosphere is a bit different: clean and sacred, I felt. 

If you are tired of the hustle and bustle of Tokyo, why don’t you get on the escalator for a quick escape?


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