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Shrine on a Street Corner: Shibuya

Feb 23 2015

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Follow a side street from Dogenzaka slope

Taking a turnoff from the busy Dogenzaka slope in Shibuya, you will find yourself at Hyakkendana shopping district where "Chiyoda Inari Shrine" quietly stands. 


Hyakkendana, meaning 100 stores, used to be a busy amusement quarter like Asakusa.

But now, it is more known as "a love motel alley."

The building next to the shrine is, as you might well imagine, a love motel (Labuho, in Japanese. Abbreviation of "Love Hotel").

Don't hesitate to visit the area, though. It's a nice little urban escape!

Small as it may be, "Chiyoda Inari" is an old and venerable shrine, originally located on a premise of Edo castle.

When Tokugawa Ieyasu extended the Edo castle, it was moved to Shibuya Miyamasu-chō in 1602. 

Later when Hyakkendana district was born as a part of the reconstruction effort to recover from the Great Kanto earthquake (1923), the shrine was moved to the current location. 


We may say that Hyakkendana is the original point of what Shibuya is today.

Enjoy transporting yourself back in time to good old Shibuya! 


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