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Electricity-Free Smartphone Speaker

Jun 18 2015

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recommendation from Whity

“Can’t I turn up the volume a bit so I could enjoy the sound with everyone with my smartphone?”   

If this sounds familiar, visit a 100 Yen Shop!


Look at this rectangle-shaped object with a little horn.

It’s made of silicon – very soft.

Let’s attach this onto a smartphone… 


The horn works as an amplifier! My phone is emitting a louder sound than when “naked.”


The good thing is, it doesn’t consume electricity: no batteries / no power supply required!

Just throw one in your bag, and take it out when you want to share some music with your friends. Very convenient, isn’t it? 


All music lovers, hurry to a 100 Yen Shop!

Oh, did I mention it only fits iPhone 5/5s…?

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