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Jun 25 2015

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Not just walking. You are cleaning!


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recommendation from Mamma Mina

As a committed fan of Tokyo Re-Discovery, you may be well aware that Japanese take off their shoes in the house.

Instead, we often wear "slippers."


These are not regular slippers! 


They are "Mop Slippers," the saviours of busy moms (and dads) who race around the house, doing housecleaning and the laundry, or preparing meals.


Just put on the slippers whose bottoms are covered with soft loops like a mop.

Then walk around the house as usual... Look!

Your house is cleaned out before you know it!


There are a variety of Kawaii (cute) designs available. 


Why don't you get some pairs, and enjoy magic?

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A super-mother who goes around Tokyo with her husband and a little son who love sports. Count on her if you wish to enjoy Tokyo just as well for less money!

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