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Food out of your Pencil Case

Jul 08 2015

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Rub off with a piece of cake & sushi


Best buys at 100 Yen Shop:
recommendation from Rocky


Wagashi (traditional Japanese confections), pet bottles, fast food… Something looks different.

Are they plastic food replicas displayed at the storefront of  restaurants?

Letters on a notebook are easily erased with them. 

Yes, they are "faux food" erasers! 


Not only do they look exactly like their "real" counterparts, they can be disassembled.


Look at this hot dog! Every part is made of the same materials as erasers', which means whichever the small part you pick, you can still rub off pencilled letters/ drawings with it. 

Will your friends be surprised if you take these unique figures out of your pencil case?


All are available at a 100 Yen Shop. 


Plastic food samples from Kappabashi Street are popular souvenirs from Tokyo, but these reasonable yet practical faux food erasers are highly recommended to take back home with you for your friends.

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