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Hina Dolls - Japanese Women's Must Have?

Mar 05 2015

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Hina dolls of her own. The treasures handed down for generations. 

March 3rd is the day for Hina-matsuri, Doll's Festival, which is a Japanese traditional event to pray for girls' good health and future happiness.

When a girl is born, parents purchase a set of Hina dolls so that they will take on the misfortune for their daughter.

Therefore for many Japanese girls, "my dolls" are like "another self" to have a happy reunion every year. Various reasons, especially housing situation in Tokyo today, make a casual set of Dairi-bina: emperor and empress dolls more popular than a complete set that includes three court ladies, five male musicians, two ministers etc. etc.

You'd wish to have those precious dolls displayed all the time, but please do not!
You must be reminded that leaving them out too long may end up losing your (daughter’s) opportunity of marriage!

Terrified of this superstition (...I don't think there are statistics that clarify the connection...), Japanese women reluctantly but hurriedly pack the dolls as soon as the night of March 3rd falls.

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