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Jun 30 2015

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Not a good cook?

Don't worry! Great "100 Yen" cooking utensils to assist you.:

recommendation from MM

Items from Japanese 100 Yen Shops are very much talked about and popular now because of their superb qualities and ideas behind them.
Our recommendations are cooking utensils, some of which may give you the slightest ideas on how to use.

Let's start with this - "a banana slicer."
Peel a banana, place the slicer over it and push.
Voilà! Banana is cut into pieces without a fuss.
It's made of plastic and not too sharp: safer for small kids to cook with.

Next - "an apple cutter."
Do I need to explain?
Use it like a banana slicer: place over a peeled apple and push!
The apple is divided into eight pieces, plus a core :) As apples are harder than bananas, it requires a bit more power and tricks, thus adult supervision recommended.

Last but not least, let me introduce "an avocado cutter."
Halve and seed a piece of avocado.
Then use this big spoon-like utensil to slice it as you hollow it out.

Warning: the result largely depends on the size and ripeness of the fruit.
So don't feel depressed if you do not get the result as nice and clean as mine...

After all, it's a 100 Yen item - you can't always ask for perfection...

Cooking utensils from 100 Yen Stores are still great if you are enjoying casual cooking with your kids, or searching for "unique" souvenirs!

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