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Only for Graduation in March!?

Mar 10 2015

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Kimono and hakama pleated skirt for the graduation ceremony

Kimono is no longer our everyday clothes in Japan, but there are still many occasions when we choose the traditional outfit.

That said, have you seen women dressed in kimono this way?

The skirt like pieces they wear over their kimono are called "Hakama."

You can see Miko (shrine maidens) or Kyudo (Japanese archery) players wearing simple and plain Hakama.

Colourful and lively, the best dressers of Hakama are, undoubtedly, young women attending their graduation ceremonies!

During the Meiji era until early Showa period (around 1900 - 1920s), female students wore Hakama as their school uniforms, which leads to the tradition of female students' wearing Hakama on their graduation day.

The attire may be gorgeous in pattern and colour, but at the same time, modest and refined.

If you are in Tokyo for the graduation season (in mid-March), you may encounter women in Hakama near universities and The Nippon Budokan (an indoor arena in central Tokyo), a favourite venue for the graduation ceremony.

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